Welcome to Destination Vacations!

Using houseboats manufactured by Destination Yachts and serviced on the water by Aramark, makes for a great experience. Being sold factory direct allows for less levels of people that need to make money on your boat. The Destination Yachts are built on the new “Design Protected” hull that is the safest full hull on the water. This is done by compartmenting the outter hulls every 5’ and separated from the main center hull.


manufacturer direct

Boats being supplied direct from the manufacturer keep the cost down for the customer.


Using engines, parts, and other components the same as Aramark rental fleets to assure availability of parts for repairs.


Boats will be managed by Lake Pointe Management and cleaned by professional staff after every use.

ease of access

Boat will be left in the water- no waiting time for launch and retrieve and no slip fee, all while having a Captain to pilot you in and out of harbor, along with complimentary barge service